Grommet Denim Leg Warmers

So last summer my cool babysitter Jenna was talking about wanting a pair of denim leg warmers and continued to describe them…naturally, I thought, “hey I can do that” (although a bit more unsure of myself then when I made the Tied Knot Sleeping Bag). So, after digging around in my closet I found a pair of jeans I didn’t wear anymore (imagine that), starting eyeballing the best way to attack this project, and headed to the local Hobby Lobby to pick up supplies.

Here’s what I decided I needed:
Grommets (vaious sizes), ribbon (for lacing) and a denim sewing machine needle.

So, as promised in my earlier posts , I will try hard to tell you exactly how I made these….however….I made these last summer so it will be from memory and I don’t have step by step pictures.

Here’s the finished product (“adult” size)


I measured these for my legs and I suggest you do the same if you attempt. I slipped my leg in the bottom opening of the jean leg and measured from the bottom of my knee down to just past my ankle. I then added two extra inches for the hem and cut them off. I like simple so I used the bottom hem already in place for my top hem of my leg warmer.
Next, I decided what part of the pant leg I wanted to be the front and I opted for just keeping the front of the pant as the front of the leg warmer. If there are designs or special fading you want strategically placed somewhere on the warmer, then I suggest just cutting accordingly.
Then I needed to cut up the back of the pant leg to make the split for adding grommets and lace. My calf measured nicely for adding three inches of extra fabric past the side seams and removed the excess.
Now I opted to finish the bottom hem on my warmer but you may want to just leave it and let it fray if you are going for quick and easy here. I then folded a 1 1/2 inch hem on each side that I was adding grommets to. Be sure to sew the seam close to the existing seam to leave plenty of room for the grommets.
Now, using a grommet tool, add grommets to each side of the leg warmer (be sure to match up the two sides for placement.
Finally, find your favorite ribbon and lace from bottom to top loosely so you can slide your foot in and tighten….whalla! You are now ready for that 80’s flashback!
Hope this wasn’ t too vague, message me with questions…..and RoCk On!

Here is a pair I made for my rocking eight year old too.


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